Automatic bottle filling machine


Automatic bottle filling machine Dou-block FDBG 8/650 (bottle injection + filling bottles with drink)

Technical specification of the filling line:

- the bottles are inserted manually upside down into the bottle tray. The bottle tray has a capacity of 32 bottles

- the bottles are sprayed with water and sanitation solution before filling the beverage. The volume of the sanitation solution tank is 200 liters

- line has 16 clenaning balls (8 for bottle washing with water and 8 for bottle sanitizing solution), 8 filling heads with filling needles

- On the line it is possible to fill bottles of 330ml ~ 750ml, max. bottle height 295mm, up to 92mm diameter, in case of a larger bottle volume, the manufacturer must be consulted

- the level of the beverage in the bottle can be customized, thanks to the design of the filling nozzle it is guaranteed that all bottles will always be filled to the same level (+ -3mm common for isobaric filling) on the line it is possible to fill carbonated and non-carbonated beverage (beer) directly from the tank

- the line is equipped with a vacuum pump to evacuate the bottles before filling

-the line is equipped with a diaphragm pump which pumps beer from the lager tank into the accumulation tank of the filling line (the amount of beer in the storage tank of the filling line is monitored by the surface), in the case of a drop in the storage tank to min. the pump starts automatically and the beer is pumped into the tank.

- pressure in the storage tank of the filling line can be set by the user according to the pressure in the lager tank using an external CO2 bottle + pressure regulator not supplied, max. permissible pressure 2 bar

- spraying phase, filling takes place automatically after pressing the buttons by the operator, filling of beer into the line takes place automatically

- oil-free compressor is not part of the line

- material line AISI 304 - stainless steel

- connecting the line to the lager tank - flexi food hose - is not included

- connection can be customized - clamp, DIN or SMS

- the line can be completely sanitized as part of a sanitation process that allows complete sanitation and flushing of all routes in the line, the sanitation process is not automatic

- the operator can optionally set individual operating parameters such as duration and number of sprays, bottle evacuation time, CO2 bottle filling time, bottle filling time, amount of blowouts, etc., so that the operating conditions of the line can be maximally adapted to the beverage to be filled and ambient conditions

- line power 0.7Kw, 230V 50Hz

- dimensions - width x length x height 1450x1700x2160, weight cca 250kg

- conveyors - 2pcs - 2x0,25kW, 400V length 3860mm, 3720mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

- trained operator is able to fill 650 bottles of 330ml per hour on the line.

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