Beverage Pasteurizers


Tunnel and cabinet pasteurizers

Pasteurization tunnel with preheating, pasteurization, cooling, conveyor feed rate adjustment, pasteurization temperature control, energy recovery, heating via plate heat exchangers

Heated steam

(Note: the steam supply will be provided by the customer with the existing distribution)

Example of cabinet pasteurizer (pasteurization of cider), 330 ml bottles. The pasteurization cycle lasts 45 minutes. Possibility of use on 330ml – 1000ml bottles.

Stainless steel baskets can be changed according to customer's re­quirements.

The pasteurizer is delivered without a handling crane.

The price of cabinet pasteurizeur is 7 021,- EUR without VAT

The price of tunnel pasteurizeur is

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Tunnel pasteurizeur

Tunnel pasteurization of beer bottles

Tunnel pasterization

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