CCTs (Cylindrical Fermentation Conical Tanks)


CCTs for either primary or secondary fermentation of beverages under pressure in the same fermentation vessel.

We produce stainless steel tanks with a volume of: 5HL, 10HL, 20HL, 40HL

Cylinder conical fermentation tanks (CCTs) are designed to be used for either primary or secondary fermentation of beverages under pressure in the same fermentation vessel. Due to the fact that CCTs are normally equipped with cooling jacket, the fermentation process is controlled and can be set very precisely by the user. CCTs are mostly used for beer, cider or sparkling wine production.

All CCTs that we manufacture are additionally equipped with different armatures for hops extractions, sugar mixing, beer saturation etc.

In standard each CCT is equipped with stainless steel solenoid valve, temperature controller. Temperature during the fermentation can be then very easily modified depending on the nature of the beverage, the type of fermentation yeasts, and the phase of the fermentation cycle

Standard accessories of the fermentation tank:

  • Sanitary level gauge – clamped connection with sampling valve
  • Sanitary clamped sampling valve – DN 25 connection port (easy sanitation)
  • Manhole from the side
  • Rotary cleaning, spraying ball – 1"
  • Temperature regulator mounted on the wall of the tank + stainless steel solenoid valve 230V AC + temperature sensor
  • Bunging apparatus contains pressure relief valve 0.2–2.2 Bar, vacuum safety valve, pressure gauge 0–4 Bar + ball valve for CO2 inlet
  • Connection butterfly valves – (beer arm, racking arm for the yeasts) – Clamp, DIN or SMS
  • Input and output of the coolant ½"
  • DN 100 clamped manhole in the upper part of tank for the dry hopping
  • Additional outlet DN 40 – butterfly valve for sugar mixing in the body of the tank
  • Safety valve – up to 2.5 Bar
  • Beer CO2 aerator
  • Conical bottom 60°

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Price: CCT 10HL = 6.557,- EUR without VAT

            CCT 20HL = 8.222,- EUR without VAT

            CCT 40HL = 15.556,- EUR without VAT

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