Turn & Key breweries


We can offer small microbreweries, medium-size craft breweries for restaurants and bars up to big industrial breweries.

We are able to offer comprehensive services, turn & key breweries – including engineering and design, installation and transport. We have been supplying technology throughout Europe for many years. We will be happy to provide you with a list of our references.

The whole project can be customized according to the client's requ­irements and specific local conditions.

The volumes of our breweries for 1 batch: 5HL, 10HL, 20HL

Normally, the standard delivery time is approx. 3–4 months, based on the agreement with the client and size of the project.

Our general services:

  • we provide personal consultancy in the project preparation phase, including the assessment of the installation site and the design of all connections (electricity, water, gas) in the future brewery;
  • our engennering staff develop the ideal technology deployment in your premises;
  • our specialists organize technologies delivery, assembly, commisioning and tranining
  • we guarantee warranty and post warranty fast and reliable service

For more information or inquiry please write on our email info@indcom.cz

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